Huizhou delip Safety Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of rail transportation and stainless steel products business, factory covers an area of ??over 10,000 square meters, more than 340 employees, with Germany TRUMPF Turlaser 3030 Laser and Finland FINN-POWER and multiple Japan AMADA CNC CNC turret punch, CNC bending machines, punching machines and automatic powder coating lines, automation equipment, have from the laser and CNC CNC punching - ordinary die stamping - welding - surface treatment - the full assembly processing capacity. The company's main products include: stainless steel rail transportation, ATM teller machines shell, and all kinds of precision sheet metal stamping process. Products are mainly suitable for rail transportation, finance, telecommunications and other industries.  Huizhou delip has been working to establish and improve the internal management system, with the IS9001: 2000 quality system certification. Our corporate philosophy is "quality, efficiency, innovation, service"; Our corporate vision is "to be have a certain influence, competitiveness and the majority of employees to follow international enterprise."

(ADD):NO. 8 Zixi Street ,Huinan Hi-Tech Industrial Park ,Huiao Road , Huizhou City


Establish:April 2004
Rcapital capital:RMB 30,000,000
Add:NO. 8 Zixi Street ,Huinan Hi-Tech Industrial Park ,Huiao Road , Huizhou City
Number of staffs:450

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